Occupational Therapist

We live in a world of sensory overload and it impacts on every aspect of our lives. According to the Mental Health Foundation 74% of UK adults have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. It is affecting our home life, productivity, happiness and wellbeing. 


Using your unique Sensory Preferences Profile to map out strategies that are easily to implement will enhance your health, connection with others and bring rest and recuperation and improved productivety at work.

Sensory Integration Specialist

Use your Sensory Preferences Profile to make small changes in your day and improve your productivity, well-being and relationships

I have worked with thousands of families over the past 20+ years supporting children with additional needs in the NHS, in specialist schools and in my therapy practice.  As a mum, I know the struggle to juggle home, work, leisure and being a parent and the stress involved in keeping all the balls in the air.  


I have been exhausted to the point that I could not fall asleep and would lie awake being bothered by the slightest creak and slimmer of light.  

And then it dawned on me - I took a hard look at my own sensory profile and then put in place the strategies that I have been using in my therapy sessions.  To say that I was surprised at the difference is an under statement!  

This was 10 years ago.  

Exploring your Sensory Preferences Profile taps into the neurological systems that influences our decision making, our emotiions and how we respond to others and our environment.  By feeding and nurturing our 8 sensory systems we can significantly improve our efficiency, well-being and relationships.



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